Aerial Drone Surveying

Surveying At Height – Why Use Drones?

Reduced surveying costs

Rapid surveying time (up to 80% quicker)

Survey assets at height to enable visual inspection on ground

Video quality up to 4K HD with zoom x 2

Still Images at 12 megapixels per sq inch (Incredible resolution to zoom in)

Improved safety (removing people from hazardous environments)

Survey to a maximum height of 120 metres (37 storey building)

Non-Intrusive – Visible Assets Only

CAA Logo - Assets55 Aerial Drone Surveying

Drone surveying enables visual images and condition data to be gathered in a fraction of the time and cost when compared to traditional ways using scaffolding, cherry pickers, ladders etc. It’s also much, much safer.

It enables close up images of assets at height, roofs, gutters, external pipework etc, to be captured and then studied at leisure. Magnified images reveal conditions which simply aren’t visible at a distance, from the ground.

CAA Registered Commercial Operator ID: GBR-OP-P5F3RXFT74TV

Proven data collection software for M&E and Fabric assets, aligned to the latest SFG20, NRM, CIBSE and Uniclass coding. Surveys conducted on 3 complexity levels, incorporating up to 73 recorded asset characteristics.