Competency Based Asset Surveying
Example Competency Questions
Knowledge Content Summary

Asset Surveying (AS/01/04)

Importance of Data Management (04)

Module Name Lesson Code Slide
Learning Outcome 01 2
Process and Procedures 02 3 to 5
Sources of Asset Data 03 6
Actions and Behaviours 04 7
Data Security 05 8
Range of Survey Skills 06 9
Data & Costs Integration 07 10
Asset Management Model 08 11

Importance of Data Management – Learning Outcome

This module aims to develop a greater level of understanding of the importance of data management, processes involved and skills/behaviours necessary to collect, manage and maintain data integrity.

The module will cover data security and protection, common sources of data/information and ongoing data change management.

Surveyors will learn to appreciate the value derived from output survey data files for business decision making and the importance of continual assessment, review and improvement of Asset Management and data controls.

This module will also look at the value-added processes for lifecycle and PPM planning