Competency Based Asset Surveying
Example Competency Questions
Knowledge Content Summary

Occupational competency within the Asset Surveying role

When we source asset surveyors for a project, we carry out the necessary checks but so often assume they are:-

  • Competent to do the work (Skills, data accuracy and knowledge)
  • Effective communicators
  • Focused and work diligently at all times
  • Familiar with the project and customer legal requirements
  • Aware of the value of the data they are collecting
  • Understand the customer’s objectives to obtain quality asset data to support decision making

Determine the requirements

Occupational Competency Within The Asset Surveying Role

Awareness of Expectations

What are the required Competencies?

Industry stakeholders feedback recommended the following:-

  • A general knowledge of Asset Management practice

  • Good to strong technical knowledge of asset functionality
  • Certification within a core discipline to an approved standard

  • Surveyors should undertake a series of robust testing and assessment prior to starting a survey

Define skills needed

What Are The Required Competencies

Acknowledge Skills Gap


Relating to the required competencies for an asset surveyor, where would you position the competency level of your current Asset Surveying team as a whole?

  • Foundation

  • Reasonable

  • Competent

  • Expert

  • If there are development needs to improve standards this can be achieved

Create a COMPETENT team

Competency Categorisation

Take Action / Up Skill