Case Study

  • Design, specification and delivery of a successful pilot survey
  • Full asset collection survey for 3,500 M&E & Fabric assets within a busy Events Management environment
  • Asset condition rating, risk and criticality status
  • New enhanced Forward Maintenance Register (FMR) Budget required (10 years).
  • Successful implementation and use of Assets55 FMR application technology

Initial Focus:

  • Define clear project objectives to develop a longer term asset management strategy
  • How are assets currently managed?
  • What technology is currently used to control the data?
  • No formal change process to document changes to asset portfolio?
  • Does the asset hierarchy conform to recognised standards?

Action Agreed:

  • Define pilot survey parameters and scope of work
  • Pre-design familiarisation of site operations – Technical preparation of software to address MCCC specific needs (Space planning, survey data capture, images, barcoding, scope etc)
  • Specification and project terms of reference precise and agreed by all stakeholders
  • Mobilisation of skilled surveyors
  • Introduce asset data standards and naming convention (SFG20, NRM3)
  • Review pilot survey outcome and finalise roll out survey specification

Benefits Delivered:

  • XXX new assets captured
  • Complex and sensitive project delivered successfully, on time and on budget
  • Extensive high-quality asset database created
  • Forward Maintenance Register created and software application installed
  • Business and operational asset risks defined and managed
  • Capacity to effectively manage capital planning and spending
  • Introduction of change management process
  • Statutory Compliance requirements clearly defined