Statutory Compliance Audit Manager

  • Comprehensive assessment for compliance
  • Health & Safety checks
  • Identify gaps for priority actions
  • Develop reports and strategic plans for ongoing compliance management
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Assets55 have developed a fully integrated, statutory, and health & safety compliance audit application to manage the required corrective necessary to achieve full compliance.

Knowledge, Functionality and compliance audit application Intelligence includes:

  • 19 Sections of compliance auditing to understand current standards of awareness and performance
  • Management report to identify trends and demonstrate compliance to customers

  • Real time risk transparency across a property portfolio
  • Flexibility to create a bespoke checklist of sections or questions for individual properties

  • Ability to upload electronic copies as written evidence that site visits and inspections have been carried out
  • Ability to raise remedial actions that can be recorded and monitored to build a demonstrable audit trail of compliance

  • Process and tool for managing contractor compliance performance

Compliance and Asset Data Integration

Associated sections of the audit process are automatically linked to the customers asset database, providing a quick indication of the criticality, risk and condition for specific assets relating to a statutory compliance requirement.

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